Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shot night!

Every other Wednesday night is shot night. Parent's who's children are on this medication know very well that shot night is no fun! Humira is a very painful injection to give for him and me!
Although Jacob has the lidocaine to help numb the injection area, the medication itself burns terribly. I am amazed that he has come so far in his fear of getting the shot. Tonight he has asked me early to get the "shot over with". He is so brave! It helps keep me brave!


Amy Cunningham said...

Joanne you ARE brave. You are a wonderful mother and an inspiration to the rest of us struggling through this awful disease. I admire you :o)

Erika said...

Oh its sooooooo helpful that he's really accepted what he's got to do. Maturity is what that is, he's growing up & realizing what he can do to help himself. LIttle does he know just HOW much that helps you, huh Momma?! Oh I am so happy for you!!!!!! Its so so so hard! It didnt come overnight, but oh what a blessing for it to come & be so helpful to your spirit!!!