Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eye flare

Recently Jacob has been complaining that his "cataract" is getting worse. He has been seeing halos around lights. He has also been complaining non-stop that his glasses are dirty, when they are not! I made an emergency appointment with our local eye doctor to have a quick look. I had a feeling that his uveitis may be flaring. Sure enough it was! Not just a few cells but many! A full blown flare. Not only does he have all the cells, but he also has something new for him. He has KP's present. I still do not know much about those except that it means the cells are sticking his lens to his corneas. The doctor called into our uveitis specialist and they wanted Jacob on dilating drops and steroid drops. Jacob is not liking being dilated. His vision is very blurry. So the big question here is why are his eyes flaring. He has been back on Humira for 2 months. I am wondering if it is not working anymore. He is still having stiffness in one of his knees. I just started him back on meloxicam also. I have heard that once certain biologics are stopped and restarted, they don't work because the body has developed antibodies to the drug. Jacob has an appointment this coming Tuesday with the uveitis specialist, we will see what the course of treatment will be!