Thursday, March 8, 2012



Anonymous said...

I feel for your son! I have a very similar case. I am 21 now and was diagnosed with JRA at age 3 1/2. Knees, hips & ankles are my affected joints. Three years ago I was diagnosed with uveitis. I was on prednisone for 7 months, switched to mtx 25mg/wkly and then a few months later my rheumatologist added 40mg/bi-wkly to the mix. I'm currently being weened off of the mtx. I've had a lot of problems with nausea, vommitting, etc with it :( no fun!! I'm glad to hear that your son's eye inflammation is doing well. It's a scary thing when your eyes become affected. And as for the JRA, did the doctors say there is still a chance that he will outgrow it? I noticed that you stated you saw a doctor in Cambridge, MA. I saw pedi rheumatologists at Floating Hospital at NEMC in Boston for 18 years. They are awesome there!! I wish you guys the best of luck with everything!! Keep your heads up!