Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eye appointment

Overall the eye appointment went well. There were no cells present.
There was a little panic though when they were saying that there was
a change in his vision. When the tech checked his vision in the beginning of
the appointment, she came up with 20/40. His vision corrected is usually 20/25.
She said that his cataract has grown some in his left eye. It was graded at a trace initially and it is
now at 1+ to 2+in his left eye. His right eye is just a trace.
When the doctor came in he wanted to know the last time his eyes were refracted and what his vision was. They called over to our local doctor and got his prescription and vision corrected.
Then we went back into the exam room and Jacob was retested with their lens and then with his glasses. He read at 20/25 again. The screen in the first room was a mirror where he had to read. The second room was a computer. The tech said the glare could of affected him in the first room.
I was stressing that the vision change was from the increasing cataract and that he would need to have something done. I was very glad when it turned out to be okay!!
Jacob seemed to be a little nervous when they were trying to figure out why.
The only other thing today is that his pressure was up a little again in his left eye. He was at 21. The right eye was at 13.
We also just got the refill on the Humira. The rheumatologist upped his dose from 20mg every other week to 40mg to keep up with his growth. He has been having some breakthough joint issues so hopefully this will stop that.