Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are you going?

We are hoping to go this year! Are you going? It would be a great opportunity to meet some other JRA families as well as see DC with the boys.


Courtney said...

I wish that I could say we were going but sadly this year we are not. I hope that one day we can make it because I think it would be wonderful to be around others that "get" it!!

Erika said...

Its on my to do list to go some year... I would like Charlotte to go, so 5 may be too young, same with 6, but some year we are going!

What a great oppty for you & the boys! Can you take a train down? Maybe not, maybe that's just from NYC :) But wouldnt that be fun?

Please share all that you learn on your blog, would love to read about all the details!!!