Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Live Vaccinations

I just got back from taking my youngest son to the pediatrician
for his routine physical. The question came up again wheter
or not to give him the MMR vaccination. The MMR is a
live vaccine. Live vaccines are contraindicated for Jacob
because he is immuno-compromised. Now Daniel is
not immuno-compromised, but he has close contact
with Jacob on a daily basis. When siblings receive
live vaccines they can be putting the other child at
risk of contracting the virus. The pedi and I decided that
it would be a good idea to continue to hold off of any
live vaccines for the other boys, while Jacob is on
the medications he takes for his JRA.

If you remember, last year ,the school was administering
the live Flu Mist. I was advised by Jacob's doctor to
keep Jacob home during the administrating of the

The risks may be small that Jacob can contract a virus
from his brothers getting live vaccines, but it is a risk
that I am not willing to take.


Amy Cunningham said...

Oh crud...I didn't think to ask what they are giving at the schools! Guess I'd better get on that tomorrow!!

MitchB said...

I didn't realize that siblings' vaccines were a risk. Glad I know that now. Sara is up to date for now but something to keep in mind! I'll remember to ask the rheumy at our next visit!

Jacob's Mom said...

I read about it in Dr. Lehman's book. :)

Electronic Medical Records said...

Yes there are many who do think alike just the way you do...there is a point in case but what is the other option for protecting them from the virus anyway?