Friday, September 4, 2009

Surgery is over

Update: The initial biopsy results came back as a tonsillitis. Nothing serious!! What a relief!

The surgery is over and we are home. Over all the surgery went very well. After everything Jacob has gone through, he is not a huge fan of being put to sleep. The surgery only took about a half hour. The doctor said that his tonsils were extremely large. A surprise he had found was that behind his right tonsil was a huge pocket of fluid. The doctor said that he must have had a really bad infection at some time.

Due to the rapid onset of his tonsillitis he is going to have a full biopsy. Tonsillitis is usually more of a chronic condition. We may hear the results today or it will be Tuesday because of the holiday.

While we were in the hospital Jacob's rheumatologist came in to see him also. He has been off his JRA meds since around August 12th. He still cannot go back on them until another week or so. They want to see him in a month.

Here are some pictures from his hospital stay:

before surgery

In the hospital room

The 8th floor roof deck playground

in the playroom at the hospital

The view from the roof deck


Lesli said...

I am so glad to hear that everything went okay! I will be praying for a quick recovery and no setbacks from being off of his meds for so long!! Have a great Holiday weekend!!

sierra0298 said...

Love my lil' friend.. He is a trooper... Lots of coffee Ice Cream Jake.

Jacob's Mom said...

Thanks Lesli! I keep telling him the worst is over. Every day will be better.

Sam, He is a trooper, hopefully he will be back running around soon. He is too quiet these last couple of days! I hope he eats the coffee icecream so I won't!