Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rheumatologist appointment

Today we saw Dr. Miller, Jacob's pediatric rheumatologist. I was very nervous today for the appointment, you know the other shoe dropping. I am still waiting for it even though it has yet to happen. It is funny how a having a child with a unpredictable disease like Juvenile Arthiritis can make you feel that way.

The appointment went very well today. Dr. Miller said she is very happy with how Jacob has been doing. She said there was no signs of inflammation today. I thought for sure his knees were swollen she said they were not. I am wondering if the weight gain he has had is making his knees look a little chubby. He has put on so much weight since this time last year. He is actually back on track on his growth curve.

The only issues we still seem to be having is the leg length discrepancy. He is still measuring one leg a little longer than the other. His thigh and his calf are still smaller on the surgery side. There is also slight contractions on both legs. This is completely from the way he is walking. While he was in the flare up last year he would compensate for the swollen knee by walking with the leg slightly bent. I can see he is still walking that way. Dr. Miller said it can be corrected with physical therapy if we wanted to go. I am going to pass on that for the moment. It is very minimal and if it gets worse then maybe was will pursue it.

All medications will stay the same. Methotrexate 17.5 mg. (chemotherapy) once a week, And Humira every other week. He remains free of side effects from both meds. We continue to have blood work every month to watch for any changes. The methotrexate has to be carefully monitored in case of any issues with his liver. So far so good!!

Just for the has been a year this week since the knee synovectomy. Ahhh things in life have been so much calmer!!

Stay tuned for the eye update on April 1st!! Hopefully all is well there too!