Thursday, December 4, 2008

Eye update

I am a day late on posting the good news!! Jacob had his appointment with Dr. Foster yesterday. His eyes remain clear! Dr. Foster said that Jacob is a success case. His eyes are free of cataracts and no glaucoma present (he was able to do the pressure test and the numbers were very low). The Humira, along with the methotrexate, are still doing the job! So we remain on the 8 week follow-up.

After the long day going to the appointment yesterday it was also shot day! Jacob was not happy about it last night. He has been doing well with the shots but last night he had other ideas! He fought me to just put the numbing cream on. And it took another hour to get him to sit and let me do the shot. He screamed for a half hour after the shot too. So last night both of us slept very well after the stressful day! I can't believe we still have 2 more years of these battles. Hopefully he can learn to do the shot himself before he turns my hair gray! It is no fun!


Tammy Z said...

Oh, I'm so excited to hear that the eyes are clear!!!! :o) The doctors at Hershey Med (in Pennsylvania) often have their Humira patients draw up one part Humira and one part lydacaine (probably not the right spelling). Anna doesn't take Humira, but I hear that the shots are very, very painful. Anna dreads Methotrexate shots enough . . . I'm so glad that for right now, we haven't had to go to Humira. My heart goes out to Jacob and to you. (I know how much mom's internalize the pain and agony of their children).