Thursday, September 18, 2008

For all who were waiting I had to reschedule Jacob's eye appointment he had for yesterday. I was not feeling well. Long story.. I am very upset we didn't get to go for the appointment. I had rescheduled it until next week. But just realized I can't make it next wednesday either! So I am going to call tomorrow and make it in two weeks. This will bring us out 10 weeks for the appointment. Not a good thing!

Update on the walk... The walk is this Sunday! We are ready to go. Pray for Sunny weather!!
Anyone still wishing to support Jacob in the walk can donate by a clicking on the link to the right.
All of the money goes to the Arthritis Foundation to help fund a cure for this awful, debilitating disease.

Thank you to all who have supported our efforts!! Stay tuned for pictures from the walk!