Monday, January 5, 2009

Orthopedic and Rheumatology appointment

We had a very long day today! We left the house at 9:30am and got hime at 5:30!
We saw the orthopedic doctor, the Rheumatologist and he had xrays of his spine.

Rheumatology: Very good visit. The doctor noticed no swelling in any joints. His left knee still has some extra growth to it. Not too much of a concern at this point though. Jacob had been complaining off and on about his fingers still bothering him. The doctor said to just keep watch of them there was no visable swelling to them. We return in 3 months.

Orthopedic: Overall good visit. It is confirmed though that he has scoliosis. Just a mild form of it at this point. This could of been caused from the leg length issue. We were able to see the xray of his back and I thought his spine looked way off the doctor said it is just mild though. He said we still need to watch it very carefully. It may get worse as he grows. In that case he would need a back brace. I don't even want to think of that! As far as the knee goes, the doctor thought it looked pretty good. He said though by this point the synovium would of grown back. So we are just to keep watch on it. I asked him about why his knee still hurts when he does a lot of exercise on it. Like running a lot or walking up and down a hill after sledding, he said that it shouldn't be from the surgery. It has been too long out of surgery to still have pain from it. He said it is likely from the jra. As long as it isn't keeping him from doing things then leave be. Sad to think at his age he "suffers" the day after playing too hard.

Looking back an entire year ago we have come along way. It was this week last year he restarted the JRA. The week this journey began again. We are moving forward with high hopes that he will still beat this disease.

Next visit is with Dr. Foster at the end of the month. We return to the Rheumatologist in 3 months and the orthopedic in six months.