Monday, September 8, 2008


Soccer started yesterday. That is Jacob in the center of the picture. He was very excited to play again. I was very hesitant to sign him up this season becasue of the uncertainty of his knee issues. I knew this was going to be the test to tell if his knee would be okay. He started out well. Soon after the game began I noticed him limping. He was running very slowly. Kind of hanging back in the field. I went over to the coach to fill her in on his JRA. She yelled out to him to see if he was feeling okay, He said no. She called him off the field. Jacob was complaining that his hip was sore. (he never complained about that before) He sat out for a little while. I asked the coach to keep him in defense because the running is not so intense. When the game was over, Jacob did not complain about anything he said he had a lot of fun. He was excited that he did well.
At night, putting him to bed I asked him how he was feeling. He said pretty bad. He asked me if I could rub his knee. I am just wondering if he will be able to keep playing. I guess time will tell.


Anna said...

That's so hard! When Danielle's knee first flared, before we even knew what was wrong, she wanted to be in ballet with her older sister. She couldn't even walk!
Since then, she's gotten better and she's been in tumbling for the last two months. There's less balance involved, and it's building up her strength again.

I hope he can continue to play, even just a little. More would be better, of course!